Team Elite Pegasus III
Andy Saw

Final Bidding Price:SGD$250,000

Team Elite Pegasus III Andy Saw from “Team RSA” is also the team's main leader. He was the first leader to have successfully won the bid for the 1st auction item as he was captivated by the symbolism of the “Heart of Synergy” pin, which embodies the orderliness of nature’s forests. He felt that similarly, virtues like discipline and order are vital to a team’s success. Therefore, with conviction, he knew he had to go all out to bid for the pin.

“Team RSA” has constantly given Team Elite Pegasus III Andy Saw much pride and joy as not only are they extremely united, they are full of enthusiasm and full of aspirations; moreover, the team is also blessed with outstanding leaders who put in all their efforts for the benefit of the team, no matter when or whatever they encounter, they readily come together to combine their strength to face and solve any difficulties. Therefore, it definitely was not an easy feat to have formed such a strong and cohesive team.

Every team has their own unique strengths and characteristics, and their greatest strength is the team’s ability to communicate effectively with one another, and their ability to work together when faced with any difficulties. Inconspicuously, this has helped to create a positive environment where there is mutual influence and support, motivating everyone in “Team RSA” to put in the efforts to help one another.

The most important pre-requisite for “Team RSA’s” formation was not just for monetary purposes, but due to the trust for the leaders, they have faith that their leaders can lead them on the “Right Way”, without any worries and only focusing on striving towards achieving their dreams.

Team Elite Pegasus III Andy Saw combines the “Heart of Synergy” and “Team RSA” into a perfect visualization; majestically dignified and orderly like nature’s forests, which is exactly how he envision for himself upon adorning the “Heart of Synergy” pin, shouldering the increased responsibilities and increased sense of mission. Only by remaining steadfast in his role and constantly moving forward, will he then live up to the team’s passion and faith in him.

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Heart of Synergy

The Emerald is also known as the "Stone of Abundant Vitality". When set in RIWAY’s exquisite pin, it embodies impressive leadership, majestically dignified and orderly like nature's forests.