Team Elite Pegasus II Chiu Yen Hao
Team Elite Pegasus II Chiu Cheng Hsiu

Final Bidding Price: SGD$228,000

Representing the “RIWAY Taiwan Team” are key leaders Team Elite Pegasus II Chiu Yen Hao and Team Elite Pegasus II Chiu Cheng Hsiu. The first impressions of “RIWAY Taiwan Team” are their refined elegance and graceful disposition, in fact, over and above is their excellent team spirit, and their common pursuit of excellence towards their goals; all these with the goal in mind of becoming “RIWAY’s Best” as they believe that reaching that is equivalent to being the world’s best!

“RIWAY Taiwan Team” is very focused on honing their fundamentals, and because of their leaders’ strong and solid basic skills, they can give the team the right training as well as guide them with the right mindset. These fundamentals and values have been implemented since day one and passed on, of which the team will continue to grow stronger so long as they continue to guide diligently and focus on stabilizing their foundation, as these will steer them towards the correct direction and minimize the occurrence of problems.

In this charity auction, “RIWAY Taiwan Team” proved through their actions that if others can do it, so can they! With the “Heart of Aspiration” pin being the last item to be put up for bidding, everyone was guessing that it would be won by a Team Elite Pegasus leader from Singapore or Malaysia, but contrary to that thought, “RIWAY Taiwan Team” ended up as the successful bidder, in fact it was also the first auction item that Taiwan leaders had successfully won the bid for, setting a precedence for Taiwan, bringing it honour.

In addition, they would also like to thank the group of outstanding leaders from “RIWAY Taiwan Team” for their contributions, and they are Team Elite Pegasus I: Feng Yu En, Lu Huan Yun, Su Lili, Team Elite Pegasus Teng Hu Chin Lien, Team Elite Phoenix: Lin Chin Ying, Scott Fan, Team Elite Pavo: Tseng Wen Liang, Feng Yu Ting, Julie Kuo, Chen Hong Li, Chi Chin Lien, Alice Lin, Liu Kuo Chung, Chang Chen Feng, Huang Hsiang Chiao, Bobo Chen, He Hai Yu, He Ling Li, Elite 3 Star: Hsieh Ching Teng, Chen Pin Chia, they are thankful for their efforts and donations in the name of charity.

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Heart of Aspiration

The Ruby is also known as the “Stone of Divine Love”. When set in RIWAY’s exquisite pin, it symbolizes beckoning prosperity, vitality and drawing energy from the sun.

Heart of Aspiration

“RIWAY Taiwan Team” was full of determination to bid for the “Heart of Aspiration” auction item even as the price went soaring high, the ruby on the pin symbolizes Taiwanese people’s passion, patience and good-naturedness, as well as represents the continuous burning of the passionate flame, victorious and visibly successful, which is the most befitting gift for RIWAY International’s Chief Training Officer Ted Tan, to thank him for his selfless support and leadership rendered to RIWAY Taiwan Team.

Presented to:

RIWAY International
Chief Training Officer Ted Tan