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Giving Back to Society with True Wealth

Always share what you have learned, as this right attitude will empower us to help the society more, lifting up the standard of living of more families and creating a balance society. While we are on the road to success and content with our life of abundance, we should also spread the seeds of love and have a heart to contribute to the society!

Like the richest person in Asia cum philanthropist, Li Ka-shing, who has been promoting a society that upholds the “Culture of Giving”. We must differentiate the word “rich” and “noble”, as “rich” does not mean “noble”, because true wealth only comes when you do something that benefits others, which no one can take away this true wealth. In his eyes, true wealth means giving back to the society with money, otherwise, we are simply “rich” instead of “noble”.

The same goes for RIWAY FOUNDATION, as we are living in this society, we must also give back to our society, and this culture of giving is what we are holding on to! Our leaders demonstrate their strength by giving back to the society through their hard work, and are united in promoting positive changes to the society. RIWAY Foundation aims to channel all donations to charitable welfare organisations for the purpose of education, culture and other movements for the society, in hope of strengthening the human and cultural resources through education, thus building up a caring society and bringing more hope to the world!

As giving is always better than receiving, RIWAY leaders are giving back to the society with their real strength and sincerity, applying what they have learned and achieved, and becoming the role model to their teams and the direct selling industry, letting more people know about RIWAY and gather more strength and resources to put kindness into action!