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Leaders Recognition Night March 2014 - Malaysia

Date : 22 March 2014
Time : 7 pm
Location : Putrajaya International Convention Centre ,
Plenary Hall

With the rise in numbers of more international leaders in RIWAY, we have honoured our well-deserved leaders in 2 different countries, for 2 nights, in March 2014. Our 2014 first quarter of Leaders Recognition Night, was held in Surabaya Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Surabaya, home ground of several Indonesian Team Elites, and the very first branch RIWAY has ventured into the Indonesia market, was of great significant, to kick-start the first show of Leaders Recognition Night on 15 March 2014

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, one of the most accessible city and shared a great amount of popularity among leaders has commenced on the 2nd night, on 22 March 2014, recognizing the outstanding leaders and their hard work.