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Leadership Training Seminar August 2016 - Kuala Lumpur

Date : 13 August 2016
Location : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Exhibition Hall 1&2
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Speakers :
  • Team Elite Pegasus II Yang ZhongFang - Personality Before Everything
  • Team Elite Pegasus II Andy Saw - Gear Yourself Surpass Yourself
  • Team Elite Pegasus I Diane Jemma Ang - Fix Yourself First
  • Team Elite Pegasus Kelly Lim - Your Goal is Your Motivation
  • Team Elite Pegasus Dong LingAi - The Prestigious RIWAY Experience
  • Team Elite Pegasus Kelvin Kuah - Win By Execution
  • RIWAY International presents to you, our climatic ‘Leadership Training Seminar’, “Conquering the World II with Team Elite Pegasus”! This time, 26 of our extraordinary Team Elite Pegasus leaders headed out in full force, to 4 locations in 3 different countries and gave you the most precious lesson!

    2 years ago, “Conquering the World with Team Elite Pegasus” was presented by 6 Team Elite Pegasus, 2 years later, the number of Team Elite Pegasus has soared to 26, this contains the crux of speed and success injected into RIWAY’s idea of the Right Way. Nevertheless, this stunning method of increment in the number of Team Elite Pegasus is definitely worth the time for everyone to explore and get a deeper understanding of RIWAY’s idea of the Right Way and its charm.

    Becoming Team Elite Pegasus is never easy, the obstacles and apprehension one had to encounter daily cannot be described in simple words. Leveraging on the rich experience of our veteran leaders, our distributors can blaze forward with their guidance.

    Our 26 speakers treasured every moment of sharing their successful ideologies and insight and your decision will determine your position, to become who you want to be will have you putting in the same amount of effort and actions. Many a times, the key is not whether you can or not but whether you want to or not.