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Leadership Training Seminar February 2017 - Singapore

Date : 12 February 2017
Location : Singapore EXPO (Hall 1 & 2)
Speaker :
  • Team Elite Pegasus Jimmy Yap - The Taste of Winning
  • Team Elite Pegasus I Tan Kim Lee - Action
  • Team Elite Pegasus Keith Chee - 100% Commitment
  • Business Development Manager Ian Chua - Firm The Base
  • Team Elite Pegasus III Yang ZhongFang – It’s All About Attitude
  • Founder and President of RIWAY Dr. Lim Boon Hong – 用材

Learn like a boat against the water, strive forth or be left behind, RIWAY International’s first “Leadership Training Seminar” for 2017 was set in motion!

Learning doesn’t only mean theory or doing homework, it encompasses everything about focusing, time management, using the most effective way to absorb and understand things, supplementing all kinds of knowledge are also called learning. Good learning habits must be nurtured early, once you have nurtured it, it will create a more positive lifestyle, mindset and needs for you, helping you to achieve your idea goals faster.

Just like how RIWAY’s “Leadership Training Seminar” provides for everyone, a conducive learning environment, a stable learning lifestyle and achieve guidance and support because only the right method ensures an effective result with half the work done.

This season’s “Leadership Training Seminar” was led by RIWAY’s Founder and President, Dr Lim Boon Hong and our excelling leaders from Team Elite Pegasus and Team Elite Monoceros, our 3 virtuous and prestigious Vice-Presidents and 4 Business Development Managers. They shared their experiences with everyone their desired goals in life and career and how to achieve them.

Use this new year to learn the most important factors for success from successful people, and you may be the next person in RIWAY to achieve a balance in our 6 Core Values (Financial Goals, Healthy Lifestyle, Social Skills, Family Values, Right Thinking, Spiritual Growth).