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Leadership Training Seminar in 2014 - Singapore

Date : 04 May 2014
Time : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location : Singapore Expo Exhibition Hall 1B
1 Expo Drive
Topics :
  • The beauty of simplicity
  • Inheritable high income
  • RIWAY - The full package
  • Further analysis of RIWAY
  • Closing a deal is everything
  • RIWAY's Leadership Training Seminar has always been a platform for our top leaders to share their experiences on stage. As always, in the Leadership Training Seminar, these successful RIWAY leaders were invited to present their experience & real stories. Through their speeches, be inspired and stay motivated. It is became a brand new start for everyone on 2014.

    In May 2014, two Leadership Training Seminars were held in 2 different cities and were a great learning opportunity for all newbies.