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2018 Second Quarter “Leadership Training Seminar” – Thailand

Date : 5 May 2018
Location : Thailand

Knowledge changes fates, learn to break through the future!

Knowledge is like water, immersing all living things on earth, nourishing life for all, continuing its legend. Chief Executive Officer Mr Lim Boon Hong will be leading the rest of RIWAY’s legendary figures; Team Elite Pegasus V Andy Saw, Team Elite Pegasus IV Tan Su Thiam, Team Elite Pegasus IV Joe Lee and Team Elite Pegasus IV Yang Zhongfang for this quarter’s RIWAY International’s “Leadership Training Seminar”. Through learning and absorbing knowledge, it will open up the most exciting life journey for oneself.

The attending qualification for this training seminar is Diamond 3 Star. We shall see you in Chiang Mai, Thailand!