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Leadership Training Seminar November 2016

Date : 5 November 2016
Location : Singapore EXPO
Hall 3 & 4
1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150
Speaker :
  • Team Elite Pegasus II Victor Tan - Learning The Real Deal
  • Team Elite Pegasus I Lim Soon Lee - How RIWAY Actually Works
  • Team Elite Pegasus III Yang ZhongFang - Unmovable Faith
  • Team Elite Pegasus III David Yeo - Fill When It Is Empty
  • Team Elite Pegasus IV Tan Su Thiam - Practice Good Habits
  • Founder and President of RIWAY Dr. Lim Boon Hong - Yong Qing Yong Xin Yong Li - Yong Qing

Sincerity! Devotion! Diligence!

2016 RIWAY International’s 4th quarter “Leadership Training Seminar” saw our RIWAY International’s Founder and President, Dr Lim Boon Hong leading RIWAY’s outstanding leaders to bring you one of the most precious lesson. Learn the attitude of how to overcome obstacles and the determined faith from some of our most successful leaders, you can learn many successful methods and characteristics from them.

Do what we love, love what we do, in everything that we do, we must do it sincerely, do it diligently, manage it devotedly, the entire process must be very meaningful because this is how you manage a team long term, where happiness is an essential factor; this will be a precious sharing from Dr Lim Boon Hong at this quarter’s “Leadership Training Seminar”.

Every time where Dr Lim is around, you will feel the environment filled with vitality and energy; he is always able to empower those who need it, to reignite the passion lost, how much positive energy and infectious influence does he have hidden in him? Everyone has witnessed it during this season’s “Leadership Training Seminar”.