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2017 Fourth Quarter “Leadership Training Seminar” - Singapore

Learn like a ship against rough waters, dauntless and unrelenting; RIWAY International has always focused on and have highly regarded learning and educating, thus learning unceasingly and improving continuously is our life goal.

RIWAY has nurtured countless exceptional leaders through its culture of continuous learning. The company always gives its infinite assistance and cooperation in this factor; penetrating the different markets of RIWAY with a brand new look with the sole purpose of giving our distributors an even complete and closer understanding in our passed November’s “Leadership Training Seminar”.

Learn from RIWAY’s “Leadership Training Seminar” to stand out and be distinctive from the crowd, “I choose to be hit”!

Date: 11 November 2017

Location: Singapore


  • Team Elite Pegasus Ben Low - Analysis of RIWAY
  • Team Elite Pegasus Jayden Ng - Simple and Perfect System
  • Team Elite Pavo Oliver Tan - Positioning Determines Status
  • Team Elite Pavo Wu Xiu Duan - Why RIWAY
  • Team Elite Pegasus III tan kim lee - 100% Commitment
  • Team Elite Pegasus III yang zhongfang - Upgrade Your Communication Skills