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“Sharing Love a Thousand Miles Away” Charity Auction

Date : 4 May 2013
Location : Sands Expo & Convention Center
Grand Ballroom A-H, Level 5 Sands Expo & Convention Center,
10 Bayfront Avenue, S(018956)

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On 4th of May, RIWAY “Sharing Love a Thousand Miles Away” Charity Auction was held successfully! A total of $929,776 has been raised. A remarkable results which everyone in RIWAY is strongly proud of. The spirits of uprightness and righteousness has once again been demonstrated!

On that day, without hesitation, the leaders gave high prices to bid each of the auctioned exclusive art pieces of RIWAY, because they believed in the great cause of giving hope to the world.

A fund of $929,776 SGD will be channeled to World Vision to improve the basic livelihood, education, health of the children of Ethiopia, Lesotho, Zambia. The projects include the construction of a health post, irrigation systems, and footbridges to facilitate access to schools in remote villages.

We know that this is not going to influence just the people now, but for generations to come. With our limited resources, we hope to impact another life time, and continuing to the next generation.

We know we did it right, because only in this way, we can spread the spirit of RIWAY wide and far in eternity.