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August 2014 Leadership Training Seminar

We only live once, we should dictate our own destiny. Any form of apathy or indulgence are not being responsible to one self. Any philosophy and techniques taught would not be effectively imparted, if one has no commitment to learn.

RIWAY's 21st Leadership Training Seminar will be "100% Commitment" was held respectively, in the Singapore Expo on May 4 and May 10 Indonesia Integrity Convention Centre (ICC) , inviting 10 veteran leader to impart RIWAY's career tips.

Do not miss this content rich Leadership Training DVD, in order for you to constantly review the key to success.

Team Elite Aquila Albert Ang (The beauty of simplicity)
Team Elite Monoceros Simon Wong (Inheritable high income)
Team Elite Monoceros Yeoh Poh Hioh (RIWAY - The full package)
Team Elite Monoceros Tan Su Thiam (Further analysis of RIWAY)
Team Elite Monoceros Lim Soon Lee (Closing a deal is everything)