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Feb 2013 Leadership Training Seminar DVD launching now

17 May 2013

This CD consists of 20 outstanding leaders, 3 Vice Presidents and President of RIWAY, Dr Lim Boon Hong, great speeches in four different cities of Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta. 4 main themes in 4 nations, targeting leaders of all levels of experience and all walks of life. If you have missed the opportunity to attend any of these seminars, do not miss this opportunity now!


1. Simon Wong (Team Elite Monoceros) 2 Important Concepts of Direct Selling
2. Tan Yet Li (Team Elite Pavo)    How to Create Depth
3. Kason Lau (Team Elite Pavo) The 4 Criteria to Succeeding in Direct Selling
4. Lim Soon Lee (Team Elite Pavo) Seven Daily Necessities
5. Ng Siang Yee (Team Elite Pavo) The Principle of Leverage
6. May Yap (Team Elite Pavo) The Charm of PURTIER


1. Ivy See (VP of Operations) Paying the Price for “ Fairness and Integrity”
2. Low Chin Joo (Team Elite Monoceros) 5 Principles of Organization
3. David Yeo (Team Elite Phoenix)   Mindset Determines Everything
4. Shanni Lau (Team Elite Phoenix) Cherishing is the key to long lasting Success
5. Joe Lee (Elite Pavo) 3 Winning Secrets for Organization
6. Hadi Sutiono (Team Elite Pavo) Showing You The Right Way


1. Dr. Lim Boon Hong (Founder and CEO RIWAY) Greatest Business Opportunity of the Century
2. Dato Kenny Wong (VP of Business Development) People are Made Great through Their Dreams
3. Albert Ang (Team Elite Monoceros) Action, Action and more Action
4. Jeffry Lee (Team Elite Phoenix )        Believe in Yourself, Go Beyond Yourself
5. Lee Yu Hock (Team Elite Pavo) Seeking the Reasons for Success
6. Tan Ah Kwang (Team Elite Pavo) Positive Energy


1. Claudia Ong (VP of Marketing)                  Standing On The Shoulders of Giants
2. Yeoh Poh Hioh (Team Elite Phoenix) Health is Wealth
3. Victor Tan (Team Elite Phoenix) Big Setup – Big Success
4. Wong Yee Lee (Team Elite Pavo) Be Strong Auntie 2
5. Josephine Chong (Team Elite Pavo) One More Round
6. Ray Kee (Team Elite Pavo)    From Nothing to Success