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Leadership Training Seminar DVD (May) is available now!

04 Jul 2014

"Creating A Great Cause At Golden Age"
Saying goes that humans rarely live past the age of 70, but in RIWAY, we have at least 6 leaders who have lived more than half a century and accumulated a rich life experience. Listening to the experience of these leaders is indeed a valuable lesson.

"A Fate Decided By Decisiveness"
Willingness to give out their once comfortable lives of stability, their decisiveness and determination have encouraged them to start all over again to pursue a great career in which they can invest 100% of their effort

"Uprising Glory"
A group of young leaders who possessed huge courage and passion. Rising and making it to the top in just a short period of time, they have become the envy of many.

"Heroines of Today"
At RIWAY, our female leaders are not only excellent in taking care of their families, they are also outstanding when it comes to establishing a career.

"Every Cloud has a Silver Lining"
It is known that when one encounters a hopeless situation, they tend to fight back. Will dawn still be far away after darkness has passed? Undoubtedly, RIWAY has become the place where they saw hope once again. Encountering RIWAY has helped them to learn to be positive towards life, and most important to cherish life. Leadership Training Seminar DVD (May) is available now. Visit your nearest RIWAY branches for more information!