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<<Right Way>> Leadership Training Seminar DVD available for grab now!

Centred on the theme of “Right Way”. Steady progress is predicated on the right attitude, and RIWAY dares to speak the “truth” that others dare not, so that we can all be clear about what lies ahead. The faster your organisation grows, the more important that one holds on to the “Right Way”.

The Leadership Training Seminar held on 2 Aug 2014 at The Mines in Kuala Lumpur featured speeches by five lively speakers who helped distributors better understand how they can make the right preparations and make use of the assistance provided by RIWAY International to develop their markets. Of course, RIWAY’s ethics and the right attitudes are also necessary for the fulfillment of one’s dreams.

If you have missed these seminars or wish to revisit the gems of wisdom that were shared on that day, please go to your nearest RIWAY branches to grab a copy.

Team Elite Pavo Eddy Kong (Why OPP)
Team Elite Pavo Sam Siew (The Truth)
Team Elite Phoenix Kelly Lim (Having Goal is the catalyst to Success)
Team Elite Phoenix Adrian Ong (Criteria of Successful Direct Selling)
Team Elite Pegasus Victor Tan (Right Way)