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RIWAY Double Winning for "The 3rd Asia Success Award 2013"

02 Oct 2013

Dato' Kenny Wong - Super Outstanding Entrepreneur

After being conferred with the title of Dato last year, RIWAY Business Development Vice President Dato' Kenny Wong, has once again been glorified for his efforts nationwide, and won "The 3rd Asia Success Award – Super Outstanding Entrepreneur".
Under his brilliant leadership, RIWAY has opened up markets one after another, and trained many batches of strong distribution team internationally. Dato 'Kenny Wong's achievements in RIWAY should never be under estimated! Congratulations to our Super Outstanding Entrepreneur, Dato' Kenny Wong!

PURTIER Placenta – Super Quality, The Best Deer Placenta Live Cell Therapy

RIWAY's Star Product, leading the market by storm PURTIER Placenta's perfect formula of 9 precious ingredients, has won The Asia Success Award – Super Quality Award.
Commonly referred to as the "Rolls Royce of Nutritional Supplements", has helped many regain their health, and lead the market by storm!