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RIWAY Magazine Volume 17 is available now!

30 June 2015

The RIWAY Magazine is available now and with a lot to offer in this Volume 17 issue – Our Pegasus and management of RIWAY International gathered for a special 007-themed photo shooting, in celebration of our 7th Anniversary; the touching and motivating life stories of our leaders in the Leadership Training Seminar and Charity Auction; “A Gathering of Emerging Star” in New Zealand for the Top Leaders Meeting; RIWAY’s staff wishes for the 7th Anniversary celebration. Many more interesting contents for you to discover in this issue!

RIWAY has entered into its 7th Anniversary, and it has created many miracles and helping many to realise their dreams. Let us set our eyes on a bigger platform and future, and become a stronger RIWAY!

For those who are interested to grab a copy of our RIWAY Magazine, you can approach our information counter at any of our RIWAY branches!