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Volume 21 is available now!

29 June 2016

Here’s wishing RIWAY a happy 8th birthday, the best gift in the world, is to give yourself another chance! On this very joyous day, our volume 21 of “The RIWAY Magazine” is filled with energy from its fantastic content just for you.

RIWAY’s Founder and President, Dr. Lim Boon Hong, emotionally analyses a thought-provoking line from ‘The Art of War by Sun Tzu’: “Stagnancy Diminishes Fervour”, as our 3 Vice Presidents vindicate all the sacrifices they have made and their worth over all these years.

This issue specially presents to you 29 successful quotes from RIWAY’s stars, emanating success that is sharpened by experience, this are very powerful words to give you more energy to dash forth in big strides.

Join us as we bring you back to the day where our RIWAY’s higher management and our Team Elite Pegasus gathered at the photography studio to commence a shoot for our 8th anniversary. The moment you step into the studio, you will see that this group of Team Elite Pegasus who seek for success and happiness are filled with fighting spirit and a strong faith and have become the role model of many people.

Apart from this, we have also summarised the motivational sharing of our 6 speakers from our recent “Leadership Training Seminar: Winning at RIWAY II”, the introduction of our magazine team of “The RIWAY Magazine”, the grand opening of RIWAY Singapore’s headquarters, our 7 glorious “Leaders Recognition Night” and much more.

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