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A New “The RIWAY Magazine” Tri-Release is Here!

3 April 2018

RIWAY International’s first “The RIWAY Magazine” tri-regional release with 3 separate languages, each with their own outstanding cover story is here!

Choose to “Become That Champion”! 2018 is the year of RIWAY’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, henceforth we would like to take this opportunity to present to you a tri-regional release of “The RIWAY Magazine” in English, Traditional Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia, to share with everyone even more detailed articles and images about RIWAY.

3 types of magazines, each with their own powerful cover story. Our English cover presents 4 female leaders who exude strength in character and courage, regardless of their age and status. Team Elite Pegasus I Kang Fangfang and Yu Yueqi, Team Elite Pegasus Gou Kuangfang and Joy Nong, who chose to change their destinies and carve out their own paths, in pursuit of their dreams.

The cover character of our Traditional Chinese version, Team Elite Pegasus III Chiu Yen Hao continues to conquer steadily even after years, atop the throne of Taiwan as he continues to grab ahold of any opportunity to excel even further, choosing to live a brilliant and fantastic life.

Our Bahasa Indonesia version brings us Indonesia’s leading Team Elite Pegasus IV Efendi as he shares the principles of success, choosing to strive for his goals, achieving them and setting even higher goals to become a legendary character, all of these has lead him to understand the most valuable life worth in his time.

“The RIWAY Magazine” is packed with the most valuable memories and articles. For more information, please contact your local branches, thank you.