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The RIWAY Magazine Tri-Version Issue 2 Available Now!

25 June 2018

Featured on this issue’s cover are RIWAY’s outstanding Top 100 Team Elite Pegasus leaders, whom have excelled and surpassed their goals to reach the very top!

Continuing into our 10th Anniversary celebrations, we present to you a full recap of RIWAY International’s past decade of forerunning success; as you flip through the pages of our history and milestones, imagine and immerse yourself in all our glory, sweat and hard work and witness what have made RIWAY what it is today.

In the Singapore & Malaysia magazine’s special feature; we got up close with Team Elite Pegasus IV Tan Kim Lee to learn about his rise to success and delved into his relationship with his brother cum mentor, Team Elite Pegasus III Victor Tan to know more about their special bond.

Similarly, in the Indonesia version; read about the tale of Team Elite Pegasus III Hasim’s and Team Elite Pegasus I Antono’s success, about their kinship and their indomitable bond.

In our Taiwan version; we feature Team Elite Pegasus II Feng Yu En with her super car BMW i8, read on to find out more about the reasons behind her unique choice and what motivated and gave her the power to push ahead!

Savour in the grand awe of nature’s splendidness together with our Team Elite Pegasus Leaders where they were brought to Yinchuan, Ningxia for our "Top Leaders Meeting" and "Pegasus Night" to broaden theirs as well as our own sights and horizons.

Over at Taiwan, take a look at how we celebrated the grand opening of 8 branches across, recognized our esteemed leaders in our “Ultra World Recognition Convention” at the mega-sized stadium in Kaohsiung Arena together with Taiwan RIWAY’s 6th Anniversary as well as "Team Elite Night", gloriously bringing our week-long celebrations to a great resounding success.

This issue’s Tri-Regional releases are certainly packed with great memories for everyone here in RIWAY. To know more, please contact your local branches today!