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2016 RIWAY "Staff Training Seminar"

20 Jul 2016

Through a rigorous test of physical strength, wits and team work, RIWAY International's 'Staff Training Seminar' has successfully come to a closure! 

Every year's "Staff Training Seminar" is the most highly anticipated gathering for all of RIWAY's staff, this year's selection of outdoor focused challenges made it even more exciting as all the staff from the different countries and departments have a better understanding of each other and creating an even deeper bond as they went through each challenge.

This outdoor adventure challenge includes strengthening of teamwork, communication skills and motivational competition and water activities; a two person high wire rope walk that strengthens mutual trust and breaks all communicational barriers; an ascending mountain climb with various obstacles to test individual perseverance, coordination skills and self-confidence.

This year's 3 day 2 night "Staff Training Seminar" ended on a perfect note with Founder and President of RIWAY Dr. Lim Boon Hong's highly motivational speech. He mentioned about the purpose, ideals and growth of starting RIWAY, allowing all staff to have a further understanding of the company's directions and the importance of their role that they play in the company. Hereafter, all the staff will strive upwards with a united heart and achieve great deeds for themselves and for the company!