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RIWAY's reward system plan provides attractive and sustainable stream of income which is further enhanced by its simple and comprehensive development programme. In other words, you can build a stable RIWAY career by following our company’s system step by step.

RIWAY's reward system plan is built on the following features: "Fair, Practical, Accumulative and Bonus-sharing" where you will be rewarded by the effort you put in. Compared to others, as a RIWAY distributor, your bonus is counted daily, with downline and upline having the same opportunity to share the honour and success at the same time. RIWAY is a progressive and innovative company that provides excellent income opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs with minimum capital start up, irrespective of their background and qualifications.

RIWAY is eager to uplift the income of distributors from million to more because of:

  •  Thanksgiving culture that is implemented in RIWAY
  •  Appreciation on the efforts and contributions of distributors
  •  Advocating the loyalty of distributors
  • To achieve this goal, the management of RIWAY offers services through sharing of experiences and mutual support on distributors' careers. Appraisal and recognition will be given to outstanding distributors.

    A dynamic organisation that continuously strives to create a mutual support between business development and company management.

    With more than a decade of experience in business management, Dr. Lim Boon Hong created a competitive and fair sales system which performs and achieves an ultimate result.

    Besides that, he is also an outstanding speaker who motivates others to enhance the quality of life and inspire them as well as the people they care. RIWAY is inspiring lives in its dynamic communities and assures them of a brighter future.